Joint Activities of Arranging Infrastructure in Local Communities

With the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and with coordination of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, the American soldiers, with the help of the local volunteers and the Armed Forces of BiH, participated in the activities of renovating and clearing the infrastructural objects in four municipalities in BiH, from 23 to 31 May 2015. The activities were organised with the help of local partnership organisations in Tesli?, Travnik, Orašje and Bosanska Krupa, more precisely, the Bosanska Otoka community.

In Tesli? the main section of the foot path was renovated that had been destroyed during the floods last year. The American soldiers, with the help of activists from the Association for Education and Political Education and the “Komunalac” Utility Service in Tesli?, worked on clearing the bank of the Usora river and on mending the foot path. A section of the Usora river bank was cleared and the activity was supported by the Mayor of Tesli? Municipality with his presence during the activity. 

Slaviša Gavri?, a volunteer from Tesli? emphasized that he regularly participates in these activities because he believes that he should contribute to the best possible appearence of his town. He also states to other youth to participate in similar activities in order to make their town as neat and as beautiful as possible. 

In Orašje, a children’s playground that was located right next to a traffic-packed road was relocated for safety reasons with the help of the American Army and participation of the Armed Forces of BiH and volunteers of Orašje Youth Council. After preparing the ground to relocate the playground, benches were installed along with trash bins, new seedlings of noble trees were planted, street lights were fixed around the Youth House and various activities were provided for the children. 

Youth camp was renovated in Bosanska Otoka. At the camp, that was intended for regional children and youth, different contents were installed. A section of the camp that was depleted by the floods was renovated, and new interesting details were added to the camp. American soldiers in collaboration with Armed Forces of BiH and volunteers of the Nova Nada (New Hope) Democratic Centre helped in setting up teepees, swings, slides, fences and an info-point.

Travnik was improved with three renovated children’s playgrounds in the centre of town. The playgrounds had a terrible appearence, but the American soldiers, with the help of local volunteers of Travnik Youth Education Centre performed a total cleaning and painting of all fences and mobiliary in these playgrounds. Benches, swings and seesaws were also installed.

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