Institute’s Representatives Meet with Mr. Amir Zuki?, Federal Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts

As a part of the “BH Business Site” initiative, representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT held a meeting with Mr. Amir Zuki?, Federal Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. 

Representatives of the Institute introduced the Minister with the activities from the area of development of youth entrepreneurship and the aims and recent results of “BH Business Site” initiative that focuses, among other items, on entity programmes for entrepreneurship development, as well and on the system of allocating budget incentives to economy at all governmental levels in BiH.

The Minister was presented with a summary of results of the recently completed Budget Incentives to BiH Economy Analysis, as well as the reseach on the flaws of the current entrepreneurship development programmes in BiH. Also, the Minister was introduced with the conclusions on improvement of economic incentives system in the Una-Sana Canton, based on the results of the Analysis that was adopted in July by the Una-Sana Canton Assembly on recommendation of representative Kenan Keserovi? (DNZ).


The Minister discussed the current events in the area of entreprenurship in FBiH and the activities and the following steps of FBiH Government: the study on effects of incentives being prepared by the UNDP Team, the provision on benefits for the newly employed that is in preparation, planned legal solutions for the following year, new funds of foreign partners that are in plan and upcoming changes from reballancing the budget, the changes in this year’s programme regaarding entrepreneurship development in FBiH in comparison to the previous ones.

The project team of “BH Business Site” is arranged to deliver a detailed suggestion of cooperation between the Institute and the Ministry in the field of developing youth entrepreneurship, financial incentives to economy, promoting public calls for entrepreneurs, organising public events of significance for entrepreneurship, youth legislative in FBiH, cooperation through participation in working bodies that create legislative and programmes for the following year, etc.

The meeting that was held with Minister Zuki? was attended by Jasmin Beši?, Executive Director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, Rusmir Pobri?, Project Manager of “BH Business Site” and Lejla Brutus, Project Coordinator of “BH Business Site”.


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