Businessmen and Representatives of Relevant Institutions Will Soon Discuss Budget Incentives and Perspective Branches of Economy in BiH

Which branch of economy was allocated with the most, and which was allocated with the least of budget money in the past two years? Is allocation of funds fair?

Economists, employers, representatives of relevant governmental institutions and members of Network for Creating a Better Business Site in BiH will try to answer these questions at a round table on the topic “Budget Incentives and Prespective Branches of Economy in BiH”.

The round table that is organised by the Institute for Youth Development KULT as a part of the “BH Business Site” Initiative will be held on Tuesday, 15 September, at Hollywood Hotel (IlidĹľa) at 10.00 AM.

In the previous period the public was presented with results of reseach on allocation of budget incentives to economy in BiH that are the reason for holding the scheduled discussion. The research was conducted on a sample of 133 institutions and it included over 600 million BAM of allocated funds. The research results demonstrated negative trends: a fall in allocations for incentives of high 19.5% in 2014 in comparison to 2013, great delays are evident in paying incentives and certain branches of economy that are evaluated as perspective by the international public and the authorities are completely left to the mercy of the budget.



On that same day, a second conference of Network for Creating a Better Business Site will be held in which, among others, the Network members will discuss the action plan for developing entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“BH Business Site” is the initiative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT that gathers a wider number of actors from the business, public and civil sector. It was initiated for the purpose of contributing to resolving system issues in the employment sector, among others, and to use grounded and directed law and advocating activities to create a better business climate through significantly improved and budgetary strengthened support programmes for small and medium entreprenurships as well as through managing the distribution of different budget incentives to the economy. “BH Business Site” Initiative is implemented as a part of the Civil Society Sustainability Project in BiH (CSSP) that is realised by Centres of Civil Initiatives (CCI) and Centre for Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD), and which is supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). 

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