Institute and RS Youth Council Meet to Discuss Youth Issues in RS

The measures put in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic mean that civil society organizations, and others, are unable to meet in person for the time being. However, we still have the option of holding meetings online, which is faster, cheaper and easier. Today, the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Youth Council of Republika Srpska held an online meeting dedicated to current youth issues in Republika Srpska, and what the Youth Council did to adapt and continue working through the pandemic.

We discussed both our prior cooperation and new opportunities.
The Youth Council talked about their current capacities and plans, and described their cooperation with young people from all parts of BiH.

Some of the topics discussed were building capacities and creating new opportunities for youth in Republika Srpska and the Council’s support for the Institute’s survey on the needs of youth in BiH.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss how the Institute can support the Youth Council with funding and expertise in their efforts to develop new projects and programs, and launching potential joint initiatives aimed at young people. We also discussed signing a memorandum of cooperation, which should happen sometime in the near future.

The meeting participants were Nikola Stjepanović and Živko Ćetojević from the Youth Council of Republika Srpska and Šeherzada Halimić and Katarina Vučković from the Institute.

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