Implementing Youth Law in Una-Sana Canton

At the Government of Una-Sana Canton Mr. Izudin Sara?evi?, the Una-Sana Canton Prime Minister and Jasmin Beši?, the executive director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT held a meeting. Mr. Kenan Keserovi?, representative of DPU (Democratic People’s Union) at the Assembly of Una-Sana Canton attended the meeting as well, and the addressed the initiative to develop a youth strategy to the Assembly of the Canton. The conversation focused on the manners that could improve the position of youth in the Canton. Beši? emphasized the forms of support that the Institute might provide to the Government of Una-Sana Canton. “Our mission is to provide expert support to the governmental institutions so that they could aid youth”, Beši? pointed out. He added that the Institute was willing to assist in training individuals who would be included in the working group to develop the strategy and in delegating the legal responsibilities to the liable ministries at the Government. Mr. Sara?evi? emphasized that the Canton was ready to develop the youth strategy but also emphasized that it would require a lot of effort because the piled-up problems cannot be solved overnight. “We are ready to do what ever it takes to improve the position of youth. We need to take it one step at a time”, he said.

The problem of youth unemployment is one of the primary issues in this Canton as well. In the sense. Beši? referred to youth enterpreneurship as one of the liable possibilities to solve the issue. “Awarding grants for start-up businesses is one of the manners to increase youth employment and prevent their departure from local communities”, he stated.

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