First Steps towards Establishing Communication between Government and NGO Representatives in FBiH

The “REFORM AGENDA: Review of Action Plan and Priority Activities Progress in 2016” round table was held on February 17, 2016 at Bristol Hotel.

The organizer of the Round Table was the Government of the Federation of BiH and civil society organizations also participated, whose work was directed on the social and economic issues. The intention of the Government of FBiH was to thus improve an open and continuous dialogue for the purpose of exchanging experiences and ideas for possible solutions. The Round Table was organized as the first in a series of consultative events of the governmental and the non-governmental sector within the realization of the Reform Agenda.

The overview of progress of the Action Plan for implementation of the Reform Agenda for 2015-2018 was presented along with the priority activities in 2016 related to the labor-law legislative, business surroundings, active employment measures – youth employment and self-employment and a discussion was opened within which the CSO representatives presented their criticism and suggestions.

The Reform Agenda results directly from the joint statement signed on February 14 of this year by 14 party leaders and adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. A significant progress in its implementation is one of the main criteria for filing the membership application. Every section of this document is important and is a part of the whole package. It refers to public finances, taxes and fiscal stability, business climate and competitiveness, labor market, social care and pension system reform, rule of law and good management and the public management reform. All these issues are connected and must be resolved as a whole. At the Round Table it was emphasized that 13 out of 61 Action Plan activities were implemented by the end of 2015, i.e. 22.96%.

The office of the Prime Minister in BiH will be organizing similar events in the following period in order to establish communication between Government and NGO representatives in FBiH.

One of the Round Table participants was a representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.


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