Final Meeting of Sectoral Working Group for Preparing the Sectoral Planning Document for Employment with Education and Social Policy within IPA 2016-1017

After the first meeting of the Sectoral Working Group (SRG) for the employment sector with education and social policy as a part of preparing the Sectoral Planning Document (SPD) for the requirements of IPA 2016-2017 programming was held in the end of 2015 in Sarajevo, followed by the second SRG meeting held in Banja Luka at the end of January 2016, the final meeting of the members of this group was organized on February 15. During the final meeting of the Sectoral Working Group, the indictors were precisely defined as well as the sources of verification as the section of developing the intervention logic, budget to support the sectors, chronogram for programming and implementation and the map of the road to sectoral approach. The participants were presented with conclusions of the consultation forum for the area of education in the Federation of BiH, simultaneously used as reference material.

The sectoral planning documents (SPD) are working documents for the requirements of IPA II programming that represent the situation in a given sector and provide the analysis of readiness of the sector for introducing sectoral approach within the IPA II (first section of the document), and review of measures and activities that have to be realized in a several-year period covered by the document (second part of the document). The document is a condition and basis for programming and preparation of annual national IPA programs. After holding the meetings, the final audit of the SPD documents is approached and their delivery to the Council of Ministers of BiH and finally the European Commission.

The meetings were organized with the technical support of the Directorate for European Integrations and with the support of the European Union in BiH. As the official member of the group, the Institute for Youth Development KULT contributed significantly to its work, in addition to the other civil society organizations, as well as representatives of the resource institutions in BiH and representatives of the donor community.


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