FBiH Government Discuss Report on FBiH Budget Execution for Jan-Sept 2014

According to information provided by the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Government of FBiH has discussed the Report on budget execution for the period of January-September 2014. According to the report, the Federal Budget for the period, including revenues, proceeds and financing amounting to 1.795,4 million BAM – 73% of the planned amount according to Amendments for 2014.

The highest percentage in the structure pertains to tax revenues (953.5 million BAM), non-tax related income (289.4 million BAM) and current transfers and donations (0.3 million BAM). The total amount of revenues, proceeds and financing, compared to the previous period, have increased by 29% in the absolute amount of 405.2 million BAM.

The total amount of calculated expenditures and expenses is 1.603,2 million BAM, or 67% of planned expenditures and expenses for 2014. Cash-based expenditures and expenses amount to 1.472,2 million BAM, or 92% of the total amount of calculated expenses and expenditures, which indicates an improved liquidity of the Federal budget.

Current transfers and other current expenses amount to 728.9 million BAM, or 72% compared to the planned amount for 2014 and 16% more than during the same period last year. The majority of expenditures are regular monthly transfers: for the Federal Institute for pension and disability insurance (196 million BAM), for disability payments (230.7 million BAM), for non-war related disabilities (87.9 million BAM), for the implementation of the Law on special rights of war medal recipients (12.3 million BAM) and for civilian victims of war (20.2 million BAM).

Additionally, as part of the regular transfer, 30.2 million BAM were paid to the Federal Institute for pension and disability insurance fund, as part of the verified debt, and as part of the transfer for war disability payments (obligation from 2009.)

More information is available on the official websites of the Government of FBiH and the Federal Ministry of Finance. 


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