With the Right Policies and Human Capital Investments, States May Empower Youth to Manage Economic and Social Development

Developing countries with a large youth population may experience an economic boom provided they invest greatly into youth education, healthcare and rights’ protection – as it is stated in the State of World Population Report 2014 published by the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA.

The report’s regional presentation was organised on November 18 2014 in Sarajevo, making the BiH capital yet another city in the world to present this important global report. The UN Resident Coordinator to BiH emphasized the importance of this event, taking into consideration that over 1.8 billion of young people live in the world today. About 91 million young people live in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and over 800.000 in BiH.

One of the key messages of the report is that the number of 91 million young people in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions is a great opportunity for a future transformation. This year’s report is specific because it deals with the matter of a 1.8 billion youth power, as stated by the UNFPA representative in BiH, Doine Bologe. “The report emphasizes the fact that never before in the history of mankind had there been such a large number of youth population in the world. This is particularly important in the period when the world is preparing a global programme for sustainable development. Although the adults are the ones making these documents and programmes, it is always necessary to consult with youth on their opinion and include their needs in such processes.” stated Bologe.


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