20 000 BAM for Youth Initiatives

The Institute for Youth Development KULT signed contracts with associations “Menssana” from Sarajevo, “Seize the day – Carpe diem” from Ilijaš and “Green Team” from Novi Grad, providing 20000 BAM of funding for youth initiatives.

The contract signing ceremony was held online, in compliance with measures intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Association for mental health protection “Menssana” designed a project called “Mental Health in Focus”, intended to help young people overcome adolescent crisis. President of this Association, Remzija Šetić, says that we have a good support system, but that parents and professionals who work with young people are often unaware of all the options they have at their disposal. They are planning to produce a film depicting a young person going through adolescent crisis, and the way it reflects on their life, school, family and society. The goal is to sensitize the public, especially professionals in the educational and social sectors who work with youth.

Mirela Kurtović from the youth organization “Seize the day – carpe diem” says that their initiative will be implemented in two more communities in addition to Ilijaš, i.e. in Foča and Goražde. Their initiative is intended to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of recycling and treating the environment responsibly. They determined that our society uses too much paper and plastic, and does not dispose of them properly, making recycling very difficult. In cooperation with primary and secondary schools and youth associations, they will teach young people about recycling and motivate them to act more responsibly towards the environment. They will set up recycling bins in school ards to make the recycling process faster and easier.

“Green Team” from Novi Grad will also be working on protecting the environment. However, they will combine it with teaching youth about public advocacy processes and launching initiatives addressed at relevant decision-makers. According to their data, the Municipality Novi Grad has not received any initiatives designed by young people in at least the past 5 years. They believe this is mostly because young people are unsure of how to launch initiatives, and lack adequate resources. By setting up a youth space, which was already approved by local authorities, they will be giving young people a place to network and create new ideas. With appropriate training, youth will learn to formulate their needs and address initiatives to relevant decision-makers. Mario Crnković, President of this Association added that all their activities have to include environmental protection, including this one – they will create an eco-friendly space for youth called Eco Corner.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is proud of the young people who despite all the problems we’re facing lately found the energy and will to continue improving their local communities. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden supports the Institute in implementing these initiatives.

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