Youth Have To Make Changes

At the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA a round table was held on Friday on the topic “Is formal education preparing us for actual requirements of the labour market”. The speakers included a representative of the Employment Bureau Tamara Jakupovi?, a representative of the business sector Amil Kamenica, a professor of traineeship at the High School of Graphic Design DĹľevad Ibriševi? and Amra Kuljan?i? – a graduate high school student and a longterm volunteer at the Institute. The participants of the round table were high school students from the Fourth Gymnasium and High School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia.

Youth have to make changes – for themselves, but for others, as well.

The participants of the round table discussed about the strategies to find employment, but also about other options, such as volunteering which is the best manner of obtaining practical skills. It was concluded that the education for the labour market commences after finishing faculty, that formal education by itself is not enough, and that the Employment Bureaus are not devised to find employment for us, especially in the civil service sector that everyone aims at.

On the other hand, another subject debated critically was the education system that does not provide high school students with enough space for training and practice, so the employers do not find them interesting after their education. But unfortunately, the youth are also passive. They fail to demonstrate enough initiative for acquiring volunteering opportunities or contacting employers.

The conclusion is that it is possible to blaim the education system on the one hand, while, it is also possible to blame the passiveness of youth on the other. However, youth should be aware that the system is unlikely to change in the following years, and that they have to be the ones who will, to themselves primarely, but to others as well, bring changes. They have to know that it is not too late to start working on themselves to be more competitive at the labour market and thus create employment opportunities. 



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