Youth from All Over BiH Said NO TO VIOLENCE over Women and Girls

Institute for Youth Development KULT with youth from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated the day of fighting against violence over women and girls – Orange Day – that is commemorated on every 25th of the month.   

This month, Orange Day was commemorated with an online campaign that was devised, according to the Institute for Youth Development KULT, so that the message that states NO TO VIOLENCE would reach as many young people as possible, but also to reach the people of the BiH online community in general. The campaign was primarily conducted on Facebook, states Mirela Ajanovi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

“We opted for an online campaign because in the last couple of years it became crystal-clear that online campaigning replaced all other campaigns. In our country, youth mostly use Facebook, so we decided to conduct a Facebook campaign. Youth from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina took pictures of themselves with an Instagram frame of #orangevoices and these photographs flooded the social networks.“

The photographs in which youth express love and say NO TO HATRED AND VIOLENCE have incited everyone to think about the consequences that violence over girls and women causes over them and the society as a whole. 

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Research of Agency for Gender Equality in BiH from 2013 demonstrated that almost one half of the surveyed women experienced at least one form of violence by the age of 15. 

“The statistics are devastating. We are glad that youth think about the horrible consequences of violence. The latest statistics demostrated that in our country family violence is constantly increasing, and it primarily reflects in violence over women and children. That is why it is important to always, and especially on this day, draw attention to this great global problem” – added Mirela Ajanovi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

The General Secretary of the UN declared every 25th of the month as “Orange Day”. It is a day in which one should do everything one can to raise awareness of people about violence over women and girls and take action against violence. 

Institute for Youth Development KULT will, in the following 6 months, with its partners and as a part of the “Orange Voices” initiative financed by the American Embassy in BiH, organise events in 5 BiH cities to draw attention to this problem. 

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