Youth Counseling

What is counseling? Counseling is a form of support provided usually by psychologists or experts from related professions with focus or specialisation of an advisory or psychotherapeutic direction. The basis of advisory work is conversation in a safe environment, based on trust

Depending on age, there are particular reasons why a person opts for counseling. Characteristic problems that youth encounter are individuality and independence, entering new roles during adolescence and early adulthood, different types of addiction, intimate relationships and love relations, sexual relationships and identity, friendships, confidence, communication. 

Why is group counseling good for youth and what are its characteristics? In a group, youth learn that they are not the only ones facing a particular problem, they share experiences and identify with their age group. Also, youth in groups can learn about themselves, how they communicate, build relationships, acquire and display trust, involve and react in contact with others. 

How does group counseling look like? Newly-formed groups go through the process of mutual introduction and establishing trust. Encounters can be organised thematically, on agreement with participants. Sometimes participants simply state the problems they have. Introduction into topics are often guided fantasies, exercises and experiments, and different creative techniques. Beside group counseling, an individual can also seek individual support. 

Do you feel like you could learn more about yourself? Do you encounter some of the problems you cannot resolve or even dare not discuss with family and friends? Are there some issues on your mind? You wish to know yourself better, learn something about emotions, raise your self-esteem, see your potentials and abilities, then counseling is the thing you need. Answers to these and similar questions can be found at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA once a month and via The activity is conducted as a part of Youth Strategy of IlidĹľa Municipality.

We are scheduling a session with a graduate psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist for Saturday, 9 July at 1.00 PM at SPAJALICA. 


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