Young Politicians Creating a Better Society

Responsible young politicians affect change and create a better life for youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was one of the messages from the “Learn, Think and Act!” for Young Political Leaders (UMiDp) for the second generation of participants, which started today in Banja Luka.

Over the next five days, the training will be attended by 26 young politicians from twelve different political parties from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose goal is to place youth issues at the top of the political list of priorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Changes are already taking place. Young politicians from the first generation of participants are already making change happen in their communities, and that is precisely the aim and intention of this training – to work with youth who will act as responsible citizens and harbingers of change” – said Nejra Neimarlija Roić from the Institute for Youth Development KULT.


UMiD for young political leaders (UMiDp) is the Institute’s program for young people from different political parties, who take part in three 5-day modules and learn about navigating the political system in BiH, creating a political image, and about political advocacy and negotiating to address young people’s problems and needs. Through active work and lobbying the government, they will solve some of the problems faced by youth in their communities, and set an example for young people and politicians about the importance of political participation and action.

“I want to improve my political image, advance, learn to work more efficiently. I will share my experience from the training with my colleagues, and I plan on launching initiatives in Visoko and the Zenica-Doboj Canton, because young people in my local community are facing a lot of challenges that we can and should overcome if we want to keep youth in the country and harness their potential” – said Rejhana Numanović, training participant.

Upcoming trainings will be held in Konjic and Sarajevo. Through this initiative, the Institute is aiming to spotlight youth issues and show that politics is a concrete discipline whose mechanisms can benefit youth in their everyday life.

The training is conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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