Volunteer and Credit!, First Working Day for 5 Students

The 7 October at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA was an extremely busy day. The employees received a working back up of 5 students who visited us as a part of the project Volunteer – Credit! – 5th Social Day, organised by the INFOHOUSE Association. Today, instead of arriving to school, they arrived at their first job. 

5 students worked on different jobs and tasks. Taking pictures of workshops for KOĹ NICA, designing flyers for Info-Point for Youth, processing data for the library, telephoning for the requirements of the School of Friendship,  entering data on participant lists for Equal Possibilities for All Youth! and helping with tasks in the kitchen are some of the project activities in which the students contributed significantly.  

In the end of working hours, we used the opportunity to ask the students if they enjoyed their first working day, and they answered as follows: 

Amra ?engi? – I enjoyed being in KULT and I hope to come back again. I am glad to have been able to, as a part of the Volunteer – Credit! project, help the KULT employees in managing their daily duties. I’ve made many new friends.  

Ĺ ejla Budnjo – Today I had fun. I was glad to work at KULT on social day, considering the reputation of this institution. All the employees were extremely kind and helpful. I’ve made new friends and gained a certain working experience. I hope to become a volunteer at this organisation and thus continue our cooperation. 

Erol Mujak – Institute for Youth Development KULT is a very interesting organisation. I like it since it is has a volunteering basis and helps youth development. During my volunteering I’ve noticed that the staff was interesting and sociable. I like that the organisation is always busy, and not like some that “work” exclusively from their own comfortable seats. All compliments to this organisation. 

Adil Mehmedovi? – The social day was very interesting. I’ve met many new people. They were all very friendly and sociable. I had an opportunity to learn many new things. I hope to work on similar tasks in the future. 

Amina Meranovi? – I really liked volunteering, especially working for KULT. This organisation is interesting, has many areas for different activities and they have fulfilled all my expectations. The employees welcomed us and made us feel at home. They were very kind and gave us interesting tasks to work on. I believe that volunteers can feel at home here, due to the truly pleasant atmosphere.  

Best of luck in further work!


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