Voluntary Activities to Help Flood-Affected Population Continue

The Institute for Youth Development KULT with the financial support of the USAID Mission in BiH, is organising voluntary activities for helping the population of flood-affected areas in BiH. All interested persons of legal age are welcome to participate. Tomorrow, volunteers, students and other BiH citizens can participate in an organised effort to help the population of Maglaj.

The meeting place is in front of the National Museum, on May 21, 2014 at 5 am in Sarajevo, and the buses are leaving for Maglaj at 6 am. 

The maximum number of participants is 50. All who wish to apply can do so by providing their contact information (name, surname, phone number and email) by phone or by email to biljana.dragas@kultbih.org by 4 pm.

The Institute is urging the volunteers to be punctual and come to the meeting place at 5 am so that lists of participants could be made and equipment handed out. The cleaning of Maglaj will last all day, from the moment we enter the town to 4 or 5pm when the bus will leave for Sarajevo, from the meeting point in Maglaj.

Volunteers are recommended to wear the following:

1. Long-sleeved t-shirts and long trousers
Socks, preferably woollen, and sturdy shoes
Cap, hat
Woollen sweater

Volunteers can also bring the following:

1. Two pairs of socks
Woolen hat
Wet wipes and personal medication
ID card
Snack, walnuts or hazelnuts, muesli bars
First-aid kit, bandages, flashlight and pocket knife

We urge the volunteers to leave all valuables and jewellery at home, to not pack unnecessary items in their backpacks, and to come in good mood for work and labour.

Important: bringing a change of clothes is obligatory so that we would return to the bus in the clothes we worked in. The water could be contaminated so only bottled water will be used. We urge you to use antibacterial gel regularly to clean your hands, walk carefully and in groups. 

The Institute for Youth Development KULT will provide;

1. deep rubber boots, all tools necessary for working
water (three liters per person)
Food (one sandwich and energy bars)
Antibacterial get
Sandwich and chocolate bars

WARNING: during the day you can expect to encounter human suffering, injured persons and animals, unbearable stench and to be working in extremely difficult conditions. We are therefore asking that only persons willing to work in such difficult conditions apply.

We would like to ask the volunteers and the Institute’s staff to be punctual and come to the meeting place on time and abide by the rules stated above. The Institute is emphasising that the voluntary activities are organised by the Institute, and that the Institute is not responsible for possible material or technical losses. Volunteers assume responsibility for participating in the activities, under full moral and material responsibility.

For additional information contact the Institute for Youth Development KULT at 033 778 778 biljana.dragas@kultbih.org.


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