UMiD 16: Learning for Life

Last weekend, between September 17 and 19, UMiD 16 participants met up at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA after the summer break. The topic of this module was reconciliation. This topic was developed for this generation of participants. During the three-day training, the participants learned about reconciliation processes through different methods, in SPAJALICA and outdoors. Arnela Tursanović from Zenica shared her impressions from the training.

Reconciliation – the topic of this module is very familiar to me, as are the problems we encounter in everyday life.  We worked on reconciliation through different exercises, acting, mediation and many other great activities. The progress we made through this module was inevitable and I feel bad for people who choose to live a life of unhappiness and hate speech, instead of living with others in peace and working to have a better future.

Another participant, Selma Dračo shared her experience too:

This module was fantastic. The topic of the module was reconciliation – an extremely important topic, especially for younger generations who are the future of the world. Some things I heard of for the first time, and they turn out to be crucial for peace/reconciliation. I learned some basic techniques we can use to encourage peace and reconciliation. Every day we’re learning more about each other – not a day goes by that we don’t learn something new. As a trainer, Emina was always able to achieve her goals, even in activities that required us not to fail a test. She is phenomenal, caring and always willing to help. I feel like I made such great progress psychologically, thanks to this topic and all the others. I can’t wait for the next module, when I’m sure we’ll learn something new again.

The learning continues, and all of us in generation 16 are eager to complete all the module and take the test so we can see how much we learned during this challenging year. UMiD 16 is implemented within the initiative Dialogue for a Joint Future, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH.

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