Training of Second Generation of Associate Experts on Youth Work

Elma ?utura from Ilijaš is one of 26 people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina selected to pass the Associate Experts on Youth Work Training conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. Elma ?utura works at the “Seize the Day – Carpe Diem” Youth Organisation and states that she believes that the Training will certainly by useful for her further work. “I come from Ilijaš, where youth are very pessimistic and in need of help. They require advice, direction, i.e. a driving force. That is precisely why I believe that this Training will significantly help me, my organisation and our local community.” 

Throughout this week, youth will, with lecturers, Katarina Vu?kovi? and Amila Dedi? of the Institute for Youth Development KULT learn, among other things, about the mechanisms of working with youth and investigating youth problems and issues. For some participants, this segment of Training is precisely the most important one. “I already see that this Training is very thorough and detailed and I like that. I come from the Lara Foundation in Bijeljina. I work with children aged 12-15 and I think that, in their particular case, I will have many opportunities to apply the knowledge that I acquire here” – says Dragana Petri? from Bijeljina. 

This Associate Experts on Youth Work Training is the second in a row organised by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The aim is to create a cadre that will be able to work professionaly with this neglected population, since the society does not pay enough attention to youth. During the Training, the attendants will be familiarised, first and foremost, with legal solutions that regulate this area, but also with the basic requirements that every community needs to fulfil in order to prove that it cares for the youth. “Problems of youth in local communities are truly extensive. Still, they can be solved and we are here to show the attendants of the Training how. The first generation of associate experts on youth work is behind us and was a success. It up to us to now to provide the second generation with basic knowledge and skills  they can implement in their local communities. Of 143 applications we received from all over BiH, we selected 26 attendants and we are convinced that they will all be successful” – emphasized Katarina Vu?kovi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

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