Tamara Cvetković: I Will Never Stop Believing in My Vision of an Equal Society!

Some people were born to change the world and Tamara Cvetković is one of them. This 30-year-old spent two thirds of her life as an activist and fighter for human rights. Tamara’s story doesn’t begin with fanfare and fireworks, but her dedication to social activism is certainly worthy of applause. She earned her degree at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Bijeljina. Like many other young people who don’t buckle under negative political pressure, she lost her job. But, her disappointment with the system in BiH didn’t discourage her. On the contrary – it led her to dedicate more time to activism and meeting like-minded young people.

Following a recommendation by a close friend, in 2016 she applied to take part in the Training for Expert Associates on Youth Work organized by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. Tamara says that the training made a big impact and the certificate she received helped her stand out on the job market.

“Whatever I say about the training won’t do it justice… When you’re surrounded by positive people, you feel motivated to take a step forward in life. For me personally, this training and everything it gave me was worth the investment, to put it that way, because it brought me where I am now”, says Tamara.

After the training, she was invited to work in Bologna, where she now lives and works as an advisor for the Iscos Emilia-Romagna Onlus organization. Tamara’s work was recognized and she was invited to numerous prestigious European seminars and nominated for awards such as the 2017 Peace Award of the Network for Building Peace. She continued her studies too, and is now working towards a Masters in Human Rights and Conflict Management in Italy.

Tamara poured her heart and soul into making her plan a reality. She now has only one wish – to travel the world building peace. Tamara didn’t give up! She says she will never stop believing in her vision of an equal society.

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