Talking Youth Policy – SPAJALICA Welcomes Youth Back

The 16th generation of the Learn, Think and Act! training for young leaders spent the last weekend (June 11-13) at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA learning about youth policies. This was the first module held in Spajalica after the COVID-19 pandemic made in-person gatherings impossible for a while.

While our young participants were attending modules online, the Institute’s team gave Spajalica a new coat of paint, so it was ready to welcome youth from across BiH this weekend. Spajalica was once again the site of fruitful and interesting discussions, analyses of youth policies in different communities and reflections on potential for improving the position of young people.

During the regular Coffee Time With… session, participants got a chance to talk to Nedim Alibegović from the Youth Council of FBiH.

Razija Zukanović, a participant from Sarajevo, shared her impression.

“After two online modules, our UMiD 16 group is together again in Spajalica. UMiD means meeting new people and making new friends, and this module let us spend quality time together and learn a lot thanks to the work and dedication of our trainer. Learning by working in groups is the best way to learn. Online modules meant that participants spent a lot of time at their computers, but the module in Spajalica brought back our breaks together, in-person socialization, improved concentration, and we’re all happy to see each other again and proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far”, said Razija.

UMiD 16 is implemented within the project Dialogue for a Joint Future, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH.

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