Srednje Elementary Shows How Schools Support Students During Coronavirus Pandemic

Srednje Elementary is located in the rural part of the municipality Ilijaš, and some students live more than 20 km from the school. Although online classes should be only a few clicks away, they’re facing problems that make this type of teaching much more difficult. Part of the problem is the school’s location, which means Internet coverage is not good. Another problem is the fact that not all children had access to computers they could use. This is why the Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the school through the “Donate IT equipment – help students learn online!”.

Within 24 hours of learning they will have to switch to online teaching, the school’s staff and management used the Google for Education platform to provide access to classes.

“We had prior experience with this platform – we used it when our students were in Ski School. With the help of our teachers, we managed to adapt it and prepare the platform practically overnight, so it was ready on March 13”, said Dženita Čehajić Kulo, School Director.

85 students don’t have constant Internet access, but they are working on solving this issue in cooperation with BH Telecom. Last week, students were provided with 700 MB of mobile internet every day, so they can do their online classes.

This school took it upon themselves to make sure their students have the equipment they need. Some of the computers were loaned to students by the school, and a significant number was donated. Over the past few weeks, Srednje Elementary provided 36 pieces of equipment with the help of various donors, and now they say all their students have what they need for online classes. Thanks to donations by private individuals, the Institute for Youth Development KULT donated 3 tablets valued at 500 BAM, that will be given to students who need them.

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The staff go beyond supporting their students and their families and helping them get the necessary equipment and mobile internet – they are at the disposal of all members of their community who need their help. On their days off, they take deliver groceries and hygiene products to senior citizens and people in need. Srednje Elementary is a good model for how a school can rise to the occasion and continue providing education and support to its students.

Join the initiative “Donate equipment – help students learn online!” by establishing a collection point in your local community or by donating equipment#darujzanastavu

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