Forum “Towards Collaborative Practice“ on Social Innovation and Social Inclusion

The Forum “Towards Collaborative Practice“ was held between September 28 and 30, 2020. The Forum was focused on social innovation and inclusion and was organized by the Youth Board of Cyprus via Zoom. The TCP Forum is an inter-sectoral event exploring the potential of youth work and the initiative Erasmus+ to encourage social entrepreneurship and social innovations among youth.

This year, the online version of the TCP Forum served as an opportunity to discuss the future of social innovation and ways to encourage social inclusion, while also incorporating digital technologies and entrepreneurship intended to improve inclusion, women’s entrepreneurship, integration of migrants and multiculturalism. Since the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship are fairly new and under-researched concepts, this online Forum included a wide array of professionals in different fields, who shared their experience, practice and ideas for moving forward.

The Forum also served as a platform for developing a network of professionals engaged in social innovation and will be used as a reference point for further development in these areas and for facilitating cooperation at the state, regional and European level. The participants presented various ideas, tools and examples of good practice through presentations, discussion and interactive workshops on Zoom. The Forum also supports future cooperation among participants on implementing innovative projects and initiatives within the Erasmus+ program. Some of the goals of the Forum were raising awareness and promoting social inclusion in policies and practice of social innovation, using social entrepreneurship, social innovations and informal learning and a way to encourage and support young people in adopting entrepreneurial skills, developing their creativity and inventiveness, supporting participation, solidarity, diversity and social inclusion among youth.

A representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT took part in the Forum as a member of the Regional consultative group for youth employment and entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans, within the Erasmus+ Youth@Work Strategic Partnership for Employment and Entrepreneurship.

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