SPAJALICA at Kid’s Festival

U Olimpijskoj dvorani Zetra te na platou dvorane odrĹľava se KIDS Festival, doga?aj koji je iznimno bitan za djecu i mlade Bosne i Hercegovine. Tokom Kid’s Festivala veliki broj mališana u?estvuje u razli?itim radionicama, sportskim igrama te školama programiranja.

The Institute for Youth Dvelopment KULT and the Educational_leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA set up a booth at the 11th Kid’s Festival, which drew the attention of parents and children thrilled with the programme prepared by SPAJALICA’s volunteers.

SPAJALICA’s volunteers conducted workshops with the youngest participants of the Kid’s Festival, making greeting cards, clay and play-doh figurines, oil paintings, with a balloon workshop during which the crafty hands of SPAJALICA’s volunteers twisted balloons into different creative shapes, keeping the children interested and imparting new knowledge and skills to them.

Face painting was one of the most interesting activities at SPAJALICA’s booth drawing the attention of childrem from all around BiH. Batman and Spiderman were not an uncommon sight at the Kid’s Festival, much like X-Men and little fairies and princesses.

The Festival included a USAID day, dedicated to the children from flood-affected areas in BiH, and children with developmental difficulties, and representing a building block on the road to a world where children have the right to education and a happy life. 

Children are the greatest treasure, and being surrounded by them is an extraordinary feeling, which also makes one aware of the responsibility adults have for ensuring the healthy development of children. 

The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA take great part in participating at the Kid’s Festival, which givves its special contribution to promoting peace in BiH.

This year’s slogan was “Kids for Kids”, with special emphasis on the children from flood-affected areas, for whom the Festival will provide a welcome, albeit brief respite, from the tragedy that befell them, by giving them at least one joyful day.


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