Session of Committee for Finance and Budget – PA House of Representatives

The 51st session of the Committee on Finance and Budget of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, was held on Monday, April 14, 2014, from 15pm to 5pm to 51. The session had a quorum and included representative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, members of the media and other guests, including representatives of the project Strengthening governing institutions and processes in BiH (SGIP) and the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The session was held according to the following agenda:  

1. Adopting Minutes from the 50th session of the Committee;


2. Discussing the Proposal of the law on calculating salaries for public institutions employees in BiH – second committee stage (proponent: representative Milorad Živkovi?).


Proposal of the law on calculating salaries for public institutions employees in BiH defines the manner of calculating salaries of elected and appointed officials in the highest legislative and executive institutions in BiH, during their term, and regulates the process of passing the Law on salaries and other compensations for other employees in BiH institutions, and funding sources for the transitional period.

The competent Ministry, Ministry of Finance and Treasury gave provisional support to the Proposal, citing the lac of a comprehensive and consistent text which would enable implementation without additional problems and expenses.

The Proposal of the law was adopted with amendments proposed by 5 Representatives from the House of representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, after all members of the Committee provided their opinions. The adopted amendments concerned the deleting of the proposal to disallow changes in compensations for officials in BiH institutions during their term, and revoking the condition of implementing the proposal during one term.

The amendments propose that the Council of Ministers initiate a parliamentary procedure of adopting a new Law on salaries and other compensations in the institutions of BiH, within 30 days of this Law coming into force. 

The Proposal, regardless of the fact that the competent Ministry questioned its technical viability, was adopted and sent to the Parliament.

It is unclear how funds thus saved will be spent, and available materials do not indicate any effect of it on youth. 

More details available on the website of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. 


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