Self-Employment Key to Solving Youth Unemployment in BiH

According to data supplied by the Agency for Labour and Employment, the number of registered unemployed persons in BiH has never been higher (44.4%). The data published by the Agency for Statistics shows an increase in the number of unemployed, by 10 842 in 2013, compared to 2011. The total number of unemployed persons in 2013 was 554 489. The number of women has increased to 50,2%, or 278 256 women. The Agency’s data shows that most unemployed women are unqualified workers (84 051), followed by women with only a high school diploma (83 803), and finally, women with a university education (77 647). Furthermore, there is an alarming increase in the unemployment rate of youth who see the solution in moving to other countries.

This data was presented at the conference “Economic and legal issues in the context of EU integration of BiH”, held on July 2, 2014, at the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.

Ms. Danijela Martinovi?, President of the Joint Committee, Ms Judith Illerhues, Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in BiH, and Mr. Christian Haupt, Director of the SBIH project opened the conference. Introductory speeches were followed by presentations and discussions in the following areas:

“An institutional look at the position of women and youth on the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The analysis was presented by Adnan Deli?, Director of the Agency for Labour and Employment and Kenan Rešo, Director of the Federal Employment Agency. 

“Civil society’s view of the position of women and youth on the labour market in BiH”, including presentations by Sanela Baši? “Gender (in)equality on the labour market in BiH, Rejan Igor Roi?, Institute for Youth Development KULT “Survey on the position and needs of youth in FBiH”, Belma Hadžimahmutovi?, GEA, “Youth unemployment and employment measures in RS, and Erol Mujanovi?, Youth unemployment in BiH.

There was also word about the importance of informal education and the need for passing laws relating to adult education at the FBiH level, so as to alleviate the problem posed by the lack of practical training in formal education. The most important data presented to the attendees was taken from the Survey on the Position and Needs of Youth in BiH; to the question “Would you be willing to start your own business?” 60% of youth replied affirmatively, pointing out that they would need support from the very beginning. At a time when there are no major investments or companies hiring a large number of employees, the future lies in starting small or medium-scale businesses which would allow young people to make a living, thus contributing to solving other problems in the society.


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