As a part of the BH Business Site initiative, the Institute for Youth Development KULT completed the reseach including data from 133 governmental institutions and over 600 million BAM of allocated funds for economic incentives in BiH.

In the end of April of this year a Questionnaire was delivered to the addresses of 260 governmental institutions in BiH: to all municipalities in BiH, to cantonal, entity and national ministries that have economy in their jurisdiction, to employment services, developmental banks, certain agencies, etc. Over 50% of institutions delivered their replies.

Although there was no drastic decrease in the total sum of planned budgets for the institutions that participated in the 2014 research, in comparison to 2013, the planned and implemented economic incentives were decreased significantly. There was a plummet of the total allocations for economic incentives of 19.47% in 2014 in comparison to 2013, or 63,369,530 BAM less. Total amount planned for economic incentives, including irrevocable credit funds, was 390,892,989.18 BAM in 2013, in comparison to 330,040,331.93 BAM in 2014, while the implemented incentives amounted to 325,606,866.42 BAM in 2013, or 262,237,336.36 BAM in 2014. Besides the evidently lesser allocations in 2014, the data indicate a great incongruence between planned and implemented funds.

The research indicated that there is a plummet in total allocations for economic incentives of 19.47% (63,369,530 BAM) in 2014, in comparison to 2013. Also, in that same period, there was no significant decrease in the sum of total budgets of institutions that participated in the research.

Results of research will be used as one of the sources for developing analysis of states in the area of distributing budget incentives to perspective parts of BiH economy. Analysis of states with the identified perspective parts of economy, will serve as a platform for creating precise directions to improve the process for all institutions that financially incite and stimulate economic development.

The complete results of the public research will be presented to the public on Wednesday, 10 June 2015.

” “BH Business Site” initiative is conducted as a part of the Civil Society Sustainability Project in BiH (CSSP), realised by the Centers of Civil Initiatives (CCI) and the Centre for Promoting Civil Society (CPCD) and supported by the US Agency for International Development.” 

BH Business Site promotional video – “It  Can Be Better”


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