Renovated Space for Library’s 60th Anniversary

The General Library in Vareš celebrated its 60th birthday in their renovated space. The Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the idea of the association Youth Initiative about renovating the space and creating an new environment where books will be more readily available to the citizens of this small town.

“By financially supporting the initiative to renovate the General Library, we wanted to encourage and support the Vareš youth from the association Youth Initiative and the employees of the Library. The walls got a new coat of paint, flooring was replaced and new shelves were installed. The citizens put in a new counter and it’s this joint effort that makes the entire initiative worthwhile.

The rooms housing collections of books, and the reading section were renovated by young volunteers from Sarajevo and Vareš. With minimum funds, they made the Library’s interior more welcoming for future visitors.

Reading is a pleasure, this is something the citizens of Vareš are well aware of. The capacity of the library is good, and I’m glad we can show this side of Vareš to the world, this is what were promoting and how we want to be perceived by the public both in the country and abroad – said Zdravk Marošević, Mayor of Vareš Municipality.


In this small local community that is currently experiencing a high emigration rate, the Library is an important gathering spot for youth. Although they have easy access to advanced technology, a lot of them spend their free time at the Library.

The Library celebrated this important anniversary with a formal academy at Radnički dom, which was attended by representatives of Libraries in the Zenica-Doboj Canton, and representatives of the public, educational and cultural life of the Vareš Municipality.

This Library was founded on 4 January 1958, in a Decision issued by the Municipal Mayor Ivica Džojo and the National Assembly, and it was initially called the National Library.

Today, the General Library of Vareš Municipality has more than 37,000 books in 6 departments.

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