Red Cross Youth Conference

At the XVI Red Cross Youth Conference of IlidĹľa Municipality held on 25 February 2012, all the activities and successes of the Red Cross during 2011 were presented. Amongst the attendees were the youth volunteers of the IlidĹľa Municipality Red Cross, representatives of institutions supporting the work of the Red Cross and Red Cross guest-volunteers from other municipalities in BiH, as well as from Osijek and Kragujevac. According to director of the IlidĹľa RC Youth, Jasmin Nikši?, 2011 was the year of great achievements for the Red Cross.  

During 2011, the members of the IlidĹľa Red Cross gathered contributions, organised volunteer blood donations and workshops for primary school students on the topic of anti-trafficking that were held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. Besides, they emphasized celebrating the International Day of Fighting HIV, when  the Red Cross volunteers handed out condoms and thus raised civil awareness in IlidĹľa about this disease.

The significant successes of the IlidĹľa Red Cross include a medal in providing first aid at international contests, a second place won by the IlidĹľa RC team of volunteers at the Balkan contest in Bucharest, and the fifth place in the European contest.  

At the end of the conference, commendations were awarded to the best volunteers, as well as to socially-liable organisations and institutions that aided IlidĹľa RC in implementing their activities last year. Amongst the organisations that were awarded commendations were: the Advisory Youth Board of IlidĹľa Municipality, IlidĹľa Municipality and the Institute for Youth Development KULT. KULT was awarded a commendation for assistance and support for the IlidĹľa Municipality RC Youth at the European competition in providing first aid, handed to a KULT representative at the Advisory Youth Board of IlidĹľa Municipality. 


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