Public Call for Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Incentives in FBiH

The Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts announced a public call for selecting beneficiaries of Current transfer funds – grants in 2014. The Ministry published the Call on the basis of a Decision on adopting the Expenditure programme for funds with the fund allocation criteria determined in the 2014 Budget for FBiH.

The Public call relates to collecting applications for selecting fund beneficiaries of Current transfers – grants, for 13 projects:

  1. Incentives for innovators – individuals,
  2. Scholarships for apprenticeships in traditional and old crafts,
  3. Incentives for associations and chambers,
  4. Incentives for educational institutions,
  5. Incentives for projects funded by the EU and other foreign donors,
  6. Technical harmonization (obtaining ISO and HACCP certificates, and CE marking),
  7. Incentives for traditional and old trades,
  8. Incentives for women entrepreneurs,
  9. Incentives for youth entrepreneurship,
  10. Interest rate subventions for entrepreneurship loans,
  11. Incentives for newly-founded small enterprises,
  12. Incentives for entrepreneurs-exporters,
  13. Incentives for promoting entrepreneurship,

More information and list of the documents necessary for applying to the Public call are available on the Ministry’s website or at the Ministry’s offices (Dr. Ante Star?evi?a bb, Mostar).

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 days from the day the Public call was announced in the Official Gazette of FBiH, i.e. by August 15, 2014.

The Public call for entrepreneurship projects by women and youth aims at improving and facilitating the access of these groups to entrepreneurship and creating new jobs.

Funds for incentivising youth entrepreneurship are intended for businesses privately owned by youth under 35 who are also the majority shareholders (51% or over), or privately owned by women, for incentives targeting women entrepreneurs, excluding those in the hospitality industry, tourism, commerce, primary agriculture, healthcare and freelancers.

All fund beneficiaries have to be stationed in FBiH, with majority ownership held by BiH citizens, and and at least one employee on an indefinite term contract.   

Every correctly submitted project proposal contains a filled-out Application for participation in the project (incentives for youth entrepreneurs, incentives for women entrepreneurs), all the necessary documents, filled-out Project form and a signed Statement.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT will collaborate with the Ministry on developing the critieria for projects on incentivising entrepreneurship  of youth and women in 2015.  


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