Professional development and structural networking as key actors of preventing addiction in BiH

The representatives of 18 governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in the Project of preventing addiction and promoting health in working with the youth – Professional development and structural networking as key actors of preventing addiction in BiH (JUPPO) – discussed how to protect the children and youth in all of BiH from addiction, violence and autodestructive behavior in the first educational module held from 15 to 18 April in Napretkov Dom Hotel in Trebevi?. The project is being realised by the Association for preventing addiction NARKO-NO from Sarajevo.

The module on the topic of Methods and Models of Primary Prevention of Addiction in BiH was held by Veronika Graber and Wolfgang Zeyringer, coaches from Graz (Austria). At the very beginning, the participants in the education were greeted by Magdalena Schildknecht, the coordinator of JUPPO Project that thanked everyone for investing their time but also for the opportunity to use a networked experience in working with the youth, in preventing addiction and in general, promoting a healthy lifestyle and emphasizing the problems of addiction. The moderators used the four days of the module to discuss with the participants on the topic of promoting health and on everything one needs to know about addiction. Gender equality and position of men and women in promoting health was also discussed, as well as the factors of protection and factors of risk that the youth are exposed to.

Discussing the topics of the module continued in the evening. During the Market place, all the participants presented how their organisations work with the youth in the area of prevention and in general. Due to this activity, a great number of organisations agreed to cooperate in the future. A part of the evening programme was complemented by the volunteers of the Association NARKO-NO who presented types of addictions to the participants through eight workshops in a creative and interesting manner. They also presented the projects of NARKO-NO through which they work on preventing addiction amongst their peers.

The participants will be introduced with the topic Pedagogy of Experience and Surroundings in the next meeting that will take place from 19 to 22 May. 

JUPPO Project will be realised through seven educational modules that will last 4-5 days and will be led by international experts. 18 participants from all of BiH will adopt expert and pedagogical competences for active working with the youth on preventing addiction. The organisations and institutions of the participants will form an informal network to become a profiled partner of decision makers in order to focus on improving the conditions of children and youth for growing up in a society with no substance abuse and violent behavior.



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