Opportunity for Young Lawyers

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is taking this opportunity to inform future or current young lawyers about the possibility of joining the association ELSA.

A branch of the largest European non-governmental association of Law students and young lawyers in Sarajevo (ELSA) is inviting potential new members to join them. ELSA Sarajevo is offering young colleagues from the Law School of Sarajevo an opportunity to become members of our team and thus get a chance for personal and professional development, but also to get acquainted with fellow Law student colleagues from BiH and Europe.

This call is open from 17 to 24 December 2013. At the day of the opening, our team will hold an info lecture at the Law School of Sarajevo, in the Iudex facilities, 3rd floor. All interested parties will have a chance to find out more about the mission and vision of ELSA, to learn more about the upcoming acitivities, how to apply and to share the experiences of colleagues who participated in formed and present projects of ELSA.

Take this opportunity to participate in ELSA projects and gain precious experience in law and related subjects! ELSA is expecting you!

For more information, write to us at vpmarketing@elsa-sarajevo.org.



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