Materijali d.o.o. from Sarajevo Support Corporate Volunteering

Materijali d.o.o is among the first companies in BiH who decided to support corporate volunteering by using the online platform, which is designed to connect companies and associations through corporate volunteering.

Maida Ahmetović, Director of Materijali d.o.o, said that the company is happy to take part in socially responsible activities, whether it’s helping individuals of doing something as a team. What motivates them, she says, is their desire to support their community and set a good example. Materijali d.o.o have been supporting associations by donating the material and equipment needed for renovating and painting spaces, and during the Covid-19 pandemic they donated 300 protective masks for people in need.

Materijali d.o.o used the platform and supported the Association of Secondary School Students in BiH by donating them the materials they needed to paint their office space. With enough paint, and professional help offered by employees of Materijali, the Association’s activists gave their office a new coat of paint.

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Corporate volunteering is a type of social engagement planned, organized and implemented by employees, and approved and encouraged by company management. It means that employees of a company spend one or more workdays volunteering to improve the community, and their employers treat those days as regular workdays with full pay for employees who took part. This way, companies show that they are socially responsible and interested in exploring their business environment. Put simply, in corporate volunteering it’s the companies that volunteer, rather than individuals.

“The platform, allows associations and companies to join forces in their efforts to give back to their communities and is an excellent tool for connecting across sectors. This platform is a great opportunity for us to help our community in a public and transparent way”, said Maida, noting that the interface is easy to use and you’re just a couple of clicks away from the list of all offers uploaded. is the leading online platform for matching associations and companies for the purpose of corporate volunteering. The platform was developed through the initiative “Improving Human Rights Corporate Accountability in the BiH Business Sector”, implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support of the European Union. The platform is intended for all companies and associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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