Local Youth Strategies Proposals of KOĹ NICA (BEEHIVE) Project Adopted

The question of gender equality in youth strategies was the topic of the module 7 of the basic training during KOĹ NICA (BEEHIVE) Project. During the workshop, the girls developed an action plan in accordance with the problems of young girls in their local community for the purpose of suggesting plans for amending local youth strategy in their municipalities. 

With their action plan the girls are trying to contribute to the successfulness of local youth strategy in solving youth problems and creating positive living conditions for youth in a community. Considering that the strategy is a document that is susceptible to amendments in accordance with the requirements and problems of young girls, the Institute for Youth Development KULT delivered an action plan that refers to the problems they had recognised with the appeal for the municipalities to include these proposals in their existing or new strategy.  
Also, the municipalities were notified that the girls were introduced to the process of making local youth strategy and that they express the willingness to participate in working groups on developing the youth strategy.  

The proposal of the action plan developed according to the problems of young girls for amendments in the local youth strategy was addressed to the Mayor of the Municipality of Velika Kladuša who organised a meeting with all participants of the KOĹ NICA Project from Velika Kladuša. 
The meeting resulted in agreements on active involvement of girls in working groups during the process of developing a new youth strategy, on including action plans in the new strategy and financing the arrival of all participants to the ceremony of awarding the KOĹ NICA certificates by the Municipality. 

The news about the meeting and the statements of our participants can be found on the following link: http://www.radiovkladusa.ba/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=256:uesnice-projekta-konica-kod-opinskog-naelnika&catid=42:vijesti&Itemid=74.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Vlasenica, Mladen Popovi?, notified us with an official letter of notice that the Municipality of Vlasenica is at a stage of writing a youth strategy for 2012 – 2016 that will include the following 5 areas: 1. Peace activism and youth safety, 2. Volunteering, youth involvement in social trends, non-formal education and informing youth, 3. Sports, culture and youth health, 4. Non-formal education, unemployment and social status and 5. Youth in rural areas. 

The formed working groups that focus on these areas include representatives of the Youth Council of Vlasenica, representatives of Students Council of High School Centre of Milorad Vla?i? and participants of the KOĹ NICA Project for strengthening youth leaders in youth organisations. 


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