Learn, Think and Act Online Conference in Srebrenica Attended by Many Regional Youth

The Fourth Regional UMiD (Learn, Think and Act) Online Conference intended for youth of the region was held today in Srebrenica, organised by the “Friends of Srebrenica” Association and with the support of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The aim of the conference is to promote and develop individual and team skills in youth and to invoke self-initiative for civic activities, volunteering and self-employment.

Judging by the number of applicants, the Conference invoked a great interest in regional youth. Besides Srebrenica, the Conference was also attended by youth from neighbouring municipalities, such as Bratunac, Mili?i, Zvornik and Vlasenica. ?or?e Deuri? from Zvornik Youth Centre says that the Conference was a very positive experience. “The main idea is to connect youth and attempt to present the activities being realised in our surroundings elsewhere. To try and connect – to think good and do good. To be recognised as those who wish to contribute to the wellfare of the city and the region, and wider. Every single of these events signifies a positive experiece from which one can benefit in future work” – says ?or?e.

“Friends of Srebrenica” Association is one of four organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has an UMiD Online Centre in its premises where youth will be able to participate in the training presented to them today.

“We wish to provide an opportunity for youth to take initiative, to show that they are capable, responsible, willing to educate themselves and make progress and to become youth leaders in their communities and influence all the important decisions in the social community through such an online training that was presented today at the UMiD Conference held in Srebrenica” – stated Dana Bu?alina, the Project Coordinator of the “Friends of Srebrenica” Association. 

Representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT emphasize that they are very pleased with the number of attendants at the Conference.

“This is the fourth conference being held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first three conferences were held in Velika Kladuša, Sarajevo and Jablanica. The training consists of twelve modules. These modules are very detailed, designed to be interesting and interactive to youth. Some of them are project cycle, writing projects, writing a CV, self-strengthening, human rights and other very interesting topics” – stated Mirela Ajanovi? of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The conference was attended by Biljana Raki?, Deputee Mayor of Municipality of Srebrenica, who emphasized the importance of such activities of non-governmental organisations, taking into account the support of local authorities for all events that improve the quality of living and youth activities in the municipality.

After successfully completing the online training, youth will become youth leaders who will, in a sense, present the bridge between the local community and the local authorities.

The project is supported by UNDEF.

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