It Is About You (#AboutU): Importance of Euro-Atlantic Integration Shown on Film

Following the first production workshop held in Tuzla as one of the activities of the It is About You (#AboutU) project funded by the U.S. Embassy in BiH and implemented by the organization Ja BiH u EU, with the Institute for Youth Development KULT and Munja Incubator as friends of the project, young participants from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Goražde, Tuzla, Kakanj, Mostar, Živinice, Gradačac, Ljubuški and Laktaši attended the second production workshop in Mostar.

Professor and acclaimed director Pjer Žalica was the trainer.

During the first production workshop, which was held by director Elmir Jukić, the participants learned about film production terminology – frames, scenes and sequences. The second workshop was focused on the plot and character development, with examples from films.  Žalica told the young participants to pay attention to the music, angles and frames, and to try and be as relaxed as possible so they can embody their roles.

The second workshop taught us how to flesh out our story and our characters. Pjer Žalica gave each of us useful advice for improving our films. Members of my group come from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our film on the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration – human rights would put the spotlight on stories of people with disabilities, people with special needs and members of the LGBT population, because the rights of these groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not what they should be, said Meho Čavčić.

It was a very useful workshop with such a good trainer and I’m happy we got the chance to work with professionals from the film industry and get an inside look into how it all works.  The connection between Euro-Atlantic integration and film is obvious when we consider the complexity that film is capable of conveying. Euro-Atlantic integration is a topic that can benefit from this, so film is perhaps the best way to share the full story of its importance with the public, said Milica Kos.

I work with young people a lot, and one of the problems I encounter is their reluctance to participate. We’re here, it’s great, but don’t make us do anything. I didn’t have that problem today, everyone was really active. These participants are very in tune with each other, and it’s good to see people from across the country working in such a synchronized way. These are important topics, and it’s for young people to think about them and find ways to use real-life examples to tell their story.  It’s a very useful project, and I hope the participants will enjoy dealing with these very serious issues from a different angle – through film”, said Pjer Žalica.

At the end of the workshop, each participant discussed their synopsis with their trainer Pjer Žalica. The project It is About You continues to work on producing video material on Euro-Atlantic integration.

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