Institute Takes Part in Presentation of eKonsultacije Portal

The Parliamentary Assembly of BiH hosted a presentation of the web portal eKonsultacije, Joint registry of association and foundations of BiH and the eRegistry of associations and foundations for representatives of the civil society in BiH. Mirela Geko from the Institute for Youth Development KULT spoke about the importance and the benefits of this portal for citizens and government representatives.

“We believe that BiH has to improve its activities aimed at youth issues, which is why we took part in answering relevant questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire for BiH. All the segments and questions concerning youth were addressed by the Institute, who provided input during the process of answering questions from the Questionnaire. We used the portal eKonsultacije for submitting our answers, which proved to be a very good mechanism for increasing the participation of citizens in democratic processes.” – said Mirela Geko from the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is an organization whose activities are aimed at improving the position of youth, and creating better conditions for youth in the society. In addition to actively working with youth, the Institute partners with institutions in BiH to create a youth-friendly society. This portal contributed to the democratization of the society.

Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the Delegation of EU to BiH, spoke about the importance of this portal for the democratization of the society.

“These types of platforms help strengthen the connection between governments and the civil society. It’s particularly important to include in the entire process organizations that deal with issues of marginalized groups, which is BiH means women and children.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT will continue working on creating a better society for youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next year we will start implementing a project supported by EIDHR, focused on improving the position of employees in BiH, through various programs and decisions that BiH institutions and companies should recognize.

The goal is to build a Bosnia and Herzegovina where every citizen’s opinion will be heard, and the eKonsultacije portal is a way for our voices to be heard in the right place. This is an opportunity to strengthen the process of democratization in BiH.

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