Institute Supports Nađa Zubčević and Her Invention

Nađa Zubčević is an innovator with an MA degree. Her journey shows why it’s important not to give up, and to believe in yourself. Because of this attitude, Nađa today has a chance to attend prestigious fairs and tell others that she is an innovator from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She invented something the world needed, she is part of the solution. When she was with her colleagues, Nađa, like any other young person, talked to them about a lot of topics and identified problems. But what makes her different is that she found a solution.

She started by tackling something she was facing herself – how can you safely use a public toilet and avoid health issues. She searched for a solution until she found it. An antibacterial toilet seat.

The toilet seat has sensors that detect a person once they enter the stall. The sensor turns on UV LED diodes inside the seat, and the light then activates an antibacterial film on the surface of the seat. Research showed that this eliminates 99.8% bacteria, and the toilet seat’s lifespan is between 5 and 10 years.

This is how Nađa’s story begins – the story of an innovator who commands attention anywhere she goes.

She started by presenting her idea at the Tournament for social innovation and support of the Mozaik Foundation, where she won the first prize. After that, she worked on improving her patent, looking for support and the best solutions. Today, Nađa has a prototype of the toilet seat, she joined the Association of Innovators of BiH, and presented and won awards at numerous fairs worldwide.

The Semi Grand Prize from Seul is her latest achievement. Her prototype impressed the visitors of this fair, and the Institute for Youth Development KULT supported her trip to this fair and her work on the patent. She won awards for her invention in Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina…


The Institute supported part of the journey of this successful young innovator, but she needs so much more still.

Nađa will launch a crowdfunding campaign to start production because she is determined to use all available resources to achieve her goal.

Nađa is a young person who wants to build her future in BiH. She’s not thinking about leaving, but she’s hoping that BiH will recognize the importance of young innovators and support their ideas. Help them become even better ambassadors and successful young people who don’t have to leave their country to make their dreams come true.

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