Institute Supports First App for Treating Depression

As a senior of a medical high school in Tuzla, Kenan Suljić is acutely aware of the importance of mental health of the people of BiH. Kenan and his team are developing an app designed to fight depression. It is called D-app, and its authors say it’s the first such app in the world that’s connected with the healthcare system.

“Users of the app will directly communicate with experts, and can receive the kind of service they would get in a doctor’s office”, says Kenan. Then, Kenan says, the experts will review the information they received through the app and decide on the next step and treatment for the user.

This young team is currently cooperating with the Medical Center “Mustafa Šehović” in Tuzla, and the Medical Center in Srebrenik. and would eventually like to have the app available all across BiH.

The prototype is already live and has over 1000 downloads. Kenan says that the most important thig for him was that the users trust the app and feel secure using it.

“People are contacting us to say congrats and ask about the app. The most important thing is that we gained people’s trust very quickly, because it takes courage to open up and talk about how you feel”, says this young man from Srebrenik.

The app will be available for iOS and Android devices, in the beginning of March of this year. Kenan wants all young people to know that they should never give up on their dreams and goals, because he is living proof that persistence and hard work pay off. The idea for this application was born a year ago, and by signing the contract today Kenan got the support he needed for the final stretch in the development and launching process.

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