Institute Celebrates Youth Achievements in 2020 in Online Event

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is celebrating the achievements of young people and youth workers who took part in one of the Institute’s programs in 2020. To do this, the Institute organized an event titled (KO)VIDI mlade? (See Youth) to call for young people to be acknowledged and offer guidelines for future youth work.

This annual event was attended by youth leaders who completed the Institute’s UMiD training (generations 15 and 16), young political leaders from the third UMiDp, youth officers, young entrepreneurs and other friends and partners of the Institute and of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This year is an important lesson to all of us and it taught us to be more flexible that we thought we could be, and more innovative too. I hope we continue with that in the future. The Embassy of Sweden in BiH will continue working with our partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make sure we’re doing our best in these difficult circumstances,” said H.E. Johanna Strömquist, Swedish Ambassador to BiH.

Nj. E. Johanna Stromquist

This event was supported by the Embassy of Sweden in BiH, European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH, UN Volunteers BiH, and local communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina supported all the initiatives, businesses and voluntary activities organized by youth. It’s important to note that this isn’t the only youth-focused initiative supported by the European Union, embassies and other international organizations in BiH, which shows how important youth are in this society, and how capable they are of driving positive change in the country.

The year we are leaving behind has been very challenging, but also full of solidarity and support we gave one another. This is why our online event was held today, after yesterday’s International Solidarity Day. This year, we launched several initiatives to show our solidarity and support for youth in the field. One special initiative was #darujzanastavu, which allowed us to provide over 600 tablets and laptops to students across BiH, so they can attend their online classes. This year, the Institute celebrates its 18th birthday, and this was a year when we supported youth even more strongly than before, and we remain committed to continuing our efforts in 2021 as well. Thank you to all our partners for their invaluable support! – said Mr. Jasmin Bešić, General Director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT

Over a hundred participants had a chance to see what an important role youth play in society and how they work on improving their communities. But, for youth to actually feel important, all levels of government in BiH have to recognize youth as partners and work with them to solve current challenges and plan future activities.

Panel razgovor

Video footage of the event is available online on the Facebook page of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

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