Initial Conference “BiH Business Site”

The Institute for Youth Development KULT launched an initiative called “BH Business Site”, aiming to contribute to solving systemic problems in the employment sector in BiH; primarily the inadequate system for allocating budget incentives for programmes and active measures for fighting unemployment in BiH, as well as the inadequate tax collection system and high employer’s contributions which pose a burden to the economy, and present a hindrance to investments in development and creating new jobs.

Due to the volatility of the political scene and institutional instability, the social and political dialogue among key actors in the sector of labour and unemployment is lacking, causing systematic problems, instigating the growth of the unemployment rate. For precisely that reason, the primary intention of the Initiative is to provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to the employment sector in BiH, while involving a wide spectrum of actors from the business, public and civil sector, who will form into an active, functional, and regionally represented Network – a “reconstruction team” of sorts for the BiH business site.

Based on detailed analyses of the biggest inadequacies and problems in the area of unemployment in BiH, and the noted prioritised and burgeoning sectors of the economy, the Network’s work teams will create precise recommendations and guidelines for addressing every anomaly identified in the employment sector, and advocate the competent government institutions to adopt them.

Put more succinctly, we would like well founded and tailored advocacy efforts to foster a better business environment through improving and increasing the amount of financial support for SMEs, as well as through improving the planning and allocation of economic incentives on all levels of government, followed by introducing tax reliefs for employers regarding the payment of value added tax and salary contributions.

The conference will be held on Thursday (tomorrow), November 27, 2014, at Hotel Hollywood (IlidĹľa), starting at 9:30. Media statements will be given from 12 to 12.30 pm.


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