IlidĹľa – Youth Tailored Municipality

IlidĹľa Municipality has a youth strategy. It is the first Municipality in BiH that has developed and adopted this strategic document with the programme based approach towards youth, which includes defined youth issues and needs, strategic directions of action and the strategy related objectives and measures for accomplishing the set objectives. The focus is currently on adopting the strategy for the third time. The Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA is located in IlidĹľa Municipality and is one of the leading socially responsible youth centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It takes part, together with all interested parties, in adopting and implementing decisions concerning youth improvement, and it delivers affordable and innovative training courses and activities enabling young people to pursue non-formal education and complement their free time.

A budget item concerning youth issues has been ensured, and yearly grants for projects aimed at youth are awarded through public calls.

Young people from IlidĹľa Municipality have a department in charge of youth issues and a certified Youth Officer.

Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues has been active within the Municipal Council, and a Youth Advisory Committee has been actively engaged within the Mayor’s Office since 2005.

The Youth Council of Ilidža Municipality held a meeting on 15 February 2013 following its registration procedure, which was attended by a number of Councilors, representatives of the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issues of Ilidža Municipality as well as by the Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture, Sports and Information Mrs. Aida Lušni?ki? who gave a speech stressing that the local authorities and youth representatives should work together to build a better environment for young residents of Ilidža Municipality. During the meeting, it was announced that the request for nominating the Council representatives for the Commission for the Coordination of Youth Issies was accepted which further speaks of the quality cooperation between the government and the non-governmental sector in the Municipality.

In a series of nice occurrences for young people, IlidĹľa Municipality is going to adopt an Ordinance on keeping the list of youth associations in FBiH and improve the manner of allocating resources by adopting the model according to which decisions will be reached in line with the fund allocation criteria. Both documents have been developed by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The Institute and IlidĹľa Municipality have been maintaining a successful collaboration for years now that has yielded a number of positive results.

More than 150 young people from IlidĹľa have undertaken the training course Learn, Think and Act! (UMiD) after which many of them found their first job.

We would like to congratulate IlidĹľa Municipality on the results they can be proud of and wish them good luck in pursuing further work on youth issues.


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