Gračanica: Youth and Employers Should Work Together

More than half of youth from Gračanica are planning on looking for a job abroad, according to the survey conducted by youth in this local community as a part of their “Youth for Youth” local civil initiative. The results of the survey, which were presented during the “D Day” event in Gračanica, on 9 October 2018, shower that the majority of youth (57%) expect to live abroad in 5 years from now.

The survey was one of the activities of the initiative “Youth for Youth” and the “D Day” event was the response to the results of this survey conducted on youth from the Gračanica municipality, and it served as a way for youth to connect with employers.

Gračanica has 7000 unemployed youth, and we have to help them find their spot under the sun – this was the message from the “D Day” event, intended to show youth all the job seeking options at their disposal, and to allow them to network with potential employers. “D Day” included the most important business owners, i.e. potential employers and youth, particularly high school students, who are at a pivotal point in terms of their career path.


“I actively searched for a job, but I didn’t even get a letter of rejection to any of the many applications I sent. This made me sad, but I didn’t give up. I found a job – it’s not in my profession, but it’s a job.” – said Ajdin Topčagić, one of the young people who talked about the problems they face in their municipality.

The initiative youth for youth was launched by an informal group of young people from Gračanica. This initiative is implemented as one of the local civil initiatives supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

“There are young people in BiH who haven’t spent a single day unemployed, and I believe that many of you will achieve the same. Believe in yourself, in your knowledge, and don’t be afraid to step up, take charge and look for opportunities.” – said Nejra Neimarlija Roić from the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The discussion between youth and employers showed that they are aware of the high unemployment rate and the need for urgent action and solutions.

Business owners and employers encouraged young people to go into professions that are needed on the labor market, and to invest more energy in learning and staying competitive on the market. During the discussion, youth noted the numerous problems they face when looking for a job.

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