Future Youth Workers: for Greater Number of Happy and Satisfied Youth

After successfully completing two modules of Expert Associates for Youth Work Training, the third module, entitled “Social Competences and Organisational Skills” is ongoing. The training, in which 26 youth from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina are participating, is being held at the Educational- Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. 

This training for Expert Associates for Youth Work is the second in line being organised by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The aim is to create a cadre that will be able to work professionally with youth, who are neglected by the society. Jasmina Keserovi? from Velika Kladuša says that the training incited her to try and work harder in the area of youth work and that she will implement the knowledge and skills she acquired so far and will acquire by the end of the training at the Democratic Organisation of Youth of Velika Kladuša where she works. Elma Karahodži? from Tešanj holds a similar opinion. “I am very pleased to be here. I have met many different people from various towns, and learned a lot along the way. I am certain that this knowledge will serve me well in the future. To me, personally, because I will be able to practically apply it in my local community” – states Elma Karahodži? from Tešanj.

The third training module is dedicated to social competences and organisational skills. The lecturers are Senka ?impo and Jasmin Beši?. The organisers of the training, representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, are very pleased with the training itself and with the selected participants. “Judging by the reactions of the participants, it is visible that everyone is satisfied. What might be important is the clear willingness to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills. This module consists of two topics. The first one, social competences, was lectured by Senka ?impo. Our attendants learned how to work with youth by working on themselves. The second topic that starts today is dedicated to organisational management. Jasmin Beši? will explain to the participants from, for example, how to organise volunteers, to how to organise their organisations” – emphasized Katarina Vu?kovi? form the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Eldar Komar from Sarajevo also confirmed that the attendants were satisfied. He says that the thematic wholes are coordinated with the requirements of working with youth. “Experienced lecturers with interesting working methods provide the attendants with the opportunity to express themselves creatively, exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge” – added Eldar Komar from the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in BiH.

Still, the most important thing is, as the training attendants agreed, to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills on and improve working with youth in local communities. Tijana Gruji? from Prijedor says that she will definitely work better in the future. The knowledge she acquired will be transferred to her colleagues at the organisation, she says. “This will, hopefully, result in a greater number of happy and satisfied youth in Prijedor” – she adds.  


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