FBiH Government Adopts Information on Developing Federal Youth Strategy

During the 140th regular session, held in Sarajevo, October 20, 2014, the Government of FBiH adopted the information provided by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports regarding the forming of the Working group for developing the Youth Strategy, pursuant to the Youth Law of FBiH. 

The Government instructed the ministries and other government institutions to deliver a list of the names of their representatives to be appointed as members of the Working group for developing the FBiH Youth Strategy, within 7 days and acting within their competencies. After appointing the representatives, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports is required to provide the Government with a proposal of the Decision on the forming of this working group, within 15 days.* 

As a brief reminder: the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, worked on developing the Survey on the Position and Needs of Youth in BiH, available for download here. The initiative sent to the Government by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports is one of the activities implemented as part of the cooperation between the Ministry and the Institute, pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement signed on April 16, 2014, in the offices of the Ministry. 

The conclusion of the Government of FBiH and the forming of the working group will constitute another significant step towards fulfilling legal obligations concerning youth issues. Through the forming of a working group the Ministry and the Institute will continue with the implementation of planned activities, primarily with the training for the working group representatives.   

*Official information taken from: http://www.fbihvlada.gov.ba/hrvatski/sjednica.php?sjed_id=417&col=sjed_saopcenje


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