Educational Workshop on Children’s Dental Health Held at SPAJALICA

Dental care and cavity prevention at an early age is the most significant contributing faotr to dental health later in life. Threfore, education on proper dental hygiene and healty diet is an important segment of children’s health education. With that in mind, the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA held the first educational workshop for young chidlren from the IlidĹľa municipality, as one of the activities within the “School of Friendship”.

         PPrimary dental care is not part of the system, and it is safe to say it has been completely neglected. Health care workers take initiative themselves, and every year visit students in primary schools to give them a detailed dental examination. Teeth are not being treated with flouride, which is essentially a primary task, aside from merely keeping records of extracted, repaired and bad teeth, which is currently not enough, stated Sabiha Kapetanovi?.

 The goals of this educational workshop are: building upon the children’s knowledge on the growth and development of teeth, helping them adopt a positive attitude towards health education, regular visits to the dentist, adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet from an early age, and having a sense of responsibility for their own health and the health of others in their community.

 The School of Friendship has introduced a new activity – protection of children’s dental health, due to the increased rate of periodontal diseases in children. I think this workshop will be of greatest use to children, as the primary target group, and for parents who need to take better care of their children’s teeth. The first workshop was attended by 20 children. The number could have been higher, but the attendance reflected the fact that many children live outside the city area. Next week we will take them to the Healthcare Centre in IlidĹľa to have a dental check-up, said Ermina Kurtovi? – project manager of the School of Friendship.


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