Law on Developmental Planning and Managing Development in FBiH Draft in Public Discussion Process

A public discussion on the Draft of Law on Developmental Planning and Managing Development in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on 18 January 2016 at the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This discussion was first in line of public discussions that aim to gather representatives of governmental institutions, NGOs and interested subjects acting at all levels in BiH, the Federation of BiH and the following cantons: Sarajevo, Bosnian-Podrinje, Zenica-Doboj and Cental Bosnia Canton.

The Draft is the result of a participatory process that was initiated in the late 2012 with the support of the Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), the joint initiative of the Swiss government and the UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in which the institutional representatives at the level of BiH, the Federation of BiH, cantons and local self-management units participated. The USAID Strengthening Governmental Institutions and Processes in BiH project also provided support during the development of the Draft and a Regulatory Estimate of Effects of the stated Law was also made.

In coordination with the conclusions of the HoR of FBiH Parliament in the 3rd regular session from 27 October 2015 (Conclusion number: 01-02-998/15 4 November 2015) and the House of People of the FBiH Parliament in the 5th session of 19 November 2015 (Conclusion number: 02-02-988/15 of 23 November 2015), the Government of the Federation of BiH is in charge of organizing and implementing the public discussion within 90 days. Both houses of the FBiH Parliament in their conclusions authorized a proponent who would, during the development of the proposal of law, take into consideration suggestions, objections and proposals stated during the public discussion. 

In order to enable a wider inclusion of interest parties, the Federal Ministry of Justice will, with the support of the Swiss Embassy, the UNDP and the USAID SGIP, organize 5 regional public debates on the Draft of the Law on Developmental Planning and Managing Development in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Livno, Tuzla, Mostar and Biha? (the dates and locations of public discussions will be published on the website of the Ministry no later than one week before the scheduled date of discussion). 


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