Dialogue for Joint Future

Through the Initiative Dialogue for Joint Future, the Institute for Youth Development KULT is creating a platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina that allows children and youth to learn and cooperate on protecting and accessing basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. 

The Institute’s intention with this initiative is to encourage young people to actively participate in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU integration efforts. It is also important to make sure that decision-makers appreciate that young people can offer strong support to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s efforts to ensure peace, security and stability. This initiative will encourage 26 young people to become leaders in peace and human rights in BiH, and 26 children will learn about basic children’s rights and overcome ethnic and other divisions in our society. By working directly with young people, children and their parents/guardians, the Institute will ensure that young people are aware of their important role in the BiH society, leading them to take action in their local communities, support the work of youth organizations, and network with young people in other local communities across BiH.

The initiative is designed to empower and support youth leaders and the civil society in engaging in constructive dialogue and cooperation with local governments, which will strengthen the transparency and accountability of local governments in protecting, respecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Institute is implementing the initiative with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For more information about the program, reach out to: 
Katarina Vučković
tel.: + 387 33 778 765
email: katarina.vuckovic@kultbih.org

Mirela Ajanović
tel.: + 387 33 778 763
email: mirela.ajanovic@kultbih.org

Samir Mahmić

tel.: +387 33 778 765

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