Creative People of Blažuj Helping Persons with Disabilities and Illnesses

They don’t have support, they face obstacles at every step, but they want to help themselves and others.

The Association of persons with disabilities and illnesses Blažuj was founded to support not only persons with disabilities or persons who are ill, but everyone who may need help and support of kind-hearted, empathetic people, which made them into an invaluable part of their community.

They have helped many, and organized numerous successful charity activities, and they say they will keep on forging fearlessly forward.

One of the activities of this Association is making upholstered furniture and decorations. This activity received financial support from the Institute for Youth Development KULT as one of the LCIs implemented across BiH.

This Association’s premises are located in Blažuj, and host work-occupational therapy for many of their fellow citizens with some form of disability or illness, and those for whom this support means a better life a productive way to spend their time. With the support of professional staff, they upholster furniture and make decorative objects, which makes it easier for them to through their day.

This is a space for conversation and socialization, a space where they feel like equal and useful members of society.

As a part of this LGI, with the support of the Institute, the Association is making decorative pillows, stools and small chairs. These items are made by the members, and given to those who need them the most.


A local civil initiative (LGI) is an activity undertaken by citizens and intended to improve the quality of life in their community and society. Citizens can take part in civic activities individually or as a group, with the goal of drawing attention to and solving concrete problems in their community.

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