Citizens Can Also Participate in Developing Legal Provisions

By officially starting the web application named “eKonsultacije”, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina were given the opportunity to participate in developing laws and other provisions of all state institutions since April 20.  By establishing this modern system of consultations, as one of the most advanced in the region, the public was provided with complete insight in the development of current provisions and policies, an opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions and create public policies and provisions according to their interest.

“The Ministry of Justice of BiH invested significant efforts during the previous years in order to improve the system of transparency, cooperation and openness towards the citizens and civil society organizations. Our current aim is to make the advisory process in developing the provisions and policies as wide and as available as possible and to completely introduce the public with it, including legal institutions at BiH level” – underlined the Resource Minister  Josip Grubeša, calling upon all citizens to become the active force of key reform changes in our country.

Referring to the importance of collaboration between public and governmental institutions, Renzo Daviddi, Deputy Chief of the EU Delegation in BiH emphasized that through successful implementation of the project, the citizens are provided with a modern internet tool that they can use to simply share their opinion on recommendations regading legal provisions adopted in state institutions.

The eKonsultacije application was developed by the Ministry of Justice of BiH as a part of the EU project entitled “Building Capacities of Governmental Institutions in Engagement in Political Dialogue with Civil Society Representatives in BiH” (CBGI) and all for the purpose of providing a reliable communications channel for participation of BiH citizens in public policies.

The activities related to developing the new Policies on Consultations in Developing Legal Provisions that will be complementary to the stated web application were also initiated.

For the purpose of presenting the draft of the Regulations, a focus group was held on April 26, 2016 with representatives of civil society organizations during which the stipulated solutions and differences between the currently valid provisions on consultations were discussed.

The representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT discussed the previous experiences in working with the institutions on developing provisions under the Strengthening Governmental Institutions Project in BiH, the significance of consultations during the process of developing a provision and improvements that will occur in using modern tools that are currently at our disposal. 


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