Busovača: Youth Show They Can Bring Change

Busovača hosted the first sports manifestation “Days of Culture and Sports”, with more than 360 participating children and youth. Local clubs took this opportunity to present what they do: martial arts, football, volleyball, basketball. There were also cultural and artistic societies, majorettes and young chess players.

Sports competitions followed the presentations, but the results were not the most important things. This is one of the few manifestations in Busovača to gather this many young people, and the main goal is allowing them to meet and establish connections, that will hopefully result in some new youth initiatives.

Fahira Huskić, the organiser of this manifestation, is one of the participants of the 14th generation of the Institute’s “Learn, Think and Act! training, which provides youth financial support and mentorship in conducting their first initiative.

“I’m so proud of my team of volunteers, there were between 15 and 20 of them. I’m proud of us too, for successfully organising this manifestation, although we had never done anything like it before. Now that the manifestation is over, I feel both happy and exhausted, because we had no idea how many obligations we would have”, said Fahira. She added that she would love to see the manifestation grow into a traditional sports event in Busovača.

Amina Sefer was one of the volunteers, and one of the competitors as well. Her volleyball team won second place. “I’m very social, and that’s what made me want to both volunteer and compete. It wasn’t hard to balance volunteering and competing, because we were very organized. My friends took over for me when I was competing”, said Amina, adding that she’s very proud of her team for placing second, but that spending time with friends and volunteering is more important than winning competitions.

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